who is Big B ????

 Big B (aka Brian Sisson) is the lowbrow eccentric artist who paints refrigerators, cars and wall murals, creates car monster art, girlie pinup art, tattoo art, cocktail nation art, designs whacky interiors, plays guitar in a tiki band, writes books, bodysurfs... and generally has more fun than should be allowed by law. He's in his early fifties, 250 pounds, and still in shape.

His first painting project was the family VW bug, painted entirely with intricate designs and cartoons back in 1967. He was 11 years old and already six foot two. His dad's bug was a familiar site in the South Bay of Southern California and he repainted it four more times. Big B has driven a 62 Impala and a 65 Mustang. He was a fan of the Kelly/Mouse Studios and Zap comix artwork of San Francisco, the surf magazines, Big Daddy Roth and hot rods, hippie art and psychadelia, film noir, the Worhol school, junkyard art and action painting.

His next door neighbor was a classic American modern artist named Jake Horton, who made 3D art out of flotsam washed up on the beach, created giant action paintings in his backyard, carved strange wooden totems and smoke and drank up a storm. Big B was hooked on becoming a free-spirit artist. He actually missed a few meals because he was busy drawing.

Over the years Big B has created his kind of art in direct contradiction to fashion, and now that old Kustom Kulture, sixties style, lowbrow art has become fashionable, Big B is sitting on a treasure trove of cool images, from a hundred car monsters to a book of finished girlie art to a thicket of tiki/Polynesian images and retro record cover designs, to a pile of graphic posters that look perfect in a modern hipster's home. Big B snoops around car shows and art galleries, punk rock concerts and jazz clubs, extreme sports events and snotty cocktail parties, taking copius mental notes while asking stupid questions.

Big B has never stopped drawing by hand, even though he has mastered the Mac computer and software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand. He still does hand lettering and brush pen sketches.. but he combines them with vector computer programs to create hybrid new/old images. He has teamed up with actual business people so that his work can be presented professionally and released carefully in an atmosphere of controlled output.

Art collectors appreciate that his Limited Editions are hand signed and numbered under strict discipline, that his output is prolific but measured, and that the suits are keeping Big B away from the business nuts and bolts. Artists can only screw things up.

Pinnacle Pacific Galleries publishes and manages Big B artistic output. Believe this: it's not easy keeping Big B focused, but his Attention Deficit is an art collector's net gain.Click here to visit.

Lowbrow Art that won't scare the dog.